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"New Series"

I will begin a new series of moderately priced rifles based on the "Moravian" style rifles built in the 1760-1770 period.  These have been thought of as belonging to the "Christians Spring" style of south eastern Pennsylvania .  Recent analysis and scholarship by Wallace Gusler, (Muzzle Blasts, January 2005, pg 4)  indicates that at least one of these fine rifles was likely made in the North Carolina Moravian settlement.

The pieces I plan to build will be heavily based on the surviving original early rifles from the Moravian settlements of both Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  The rifles will feature light to moderate decoration characteristic of the original pieces, correctly swamped barrels, etc., and the superb handling qualities for which my rifles are known.

The pieces will be stocked in figured maple to 18th century American frontier standards using 18th century style hand tools. Prices will be in the $5,000-$8,000 range.  Contact me if you would be interested in such a piece.

Other Possible Projects

  • c. 1775-90 Lehigh Valley style smooth rifle, 48" barrel, .55-.58 cal., stocked in exhibition grade stump maple. Will feature extensive relief carving and silver wire inlay.
  • c. 1600 early period English style dog lock fowler of the American colonial era.It will feature carving in a style like that, which might have been added in America.49" barrel, 12ga., English walnut stock.
  • c. 1805-10 Southwestern Virginia style long rifle, highly decorated, extensive relief carving, wire inlay, and large patchbox with multiple piercings.
  • c. 1730 Germanic jaeger rifle, 28" barrel, exhibition grade European walnut stock, relief carving and engraving. Mounted in hand forged iron, it will feature a fine custom lock with chiseled borders. Barrel rifled by Ken Briesen, .45 cal.
  • c. 1770-75 American long rifle in the style of John Newcomer (British fowler architecture), stocked in exhibition grade stump curly maple, with extensive relief carving and engraving..45 cal., 42" barrel.
  • c. 1760-70 "Johannes Faber" style Virginia rifle or smooth rifle, brass or silver mounted-flintlock pistol en suite with the rifle.
  • c. 1590 Anglo-Irish Snaphaunce pistol, hand made barrel and lock, highly decorated.
  • c. 1730-40 British fowler, handmade iron or silver mounts extensively relief chiseled, extensive, relief carving and silver wire inlay.
  • c. 1770 American long rifle/smooth rifle in the style of the well known"brass barrelled rifle" of Virginia, stump curly maple stocked.
  • Various moderately decorated American fowlers and long rifles.

 If you would like to acquire one of these pieces please contact me.

If you would like more information about any projects please contact me at:
(906) 523-4014, 9 A.M.- 9 P.M. Eastern time