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 c. 1700-1710 Germanic rifle.

Inspired architecturally by the work of early 18th century gun maker Michael Wagner. The applied art work is derived from a combination of the Paris styles of the late 17th century and the regional Germanic forms of the Cronach/ Brandenburg schools exemplified by Wagner, Elias Shintzel, and others. This piece will feature iron mounts filed from hand forgings, a hand made lock, hand made set triggers, pierced guard bow and side plate, as well as very extensive relief chiseling and gold inlay of the mounts. Extensive relief carving along with silver and gold wire inlay will decorate the stock. The decoration will also include Germanic form variegated inlays of ivory and dark horn.

 This will be far and away the most highly decorated piece I have ever built. I have waited along time to begin this project and will spare no effort to make this a truly exceptional work of art while maintaining my intrinsic approach of elegance and good taste.

  • .58 cal., 331\2" barrel, stocked in exhibition grade European walnut.

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