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About My Work
My pieces are stocked using period style tools and techniques. Much of the past two decades has found me immersed in extensive research and experimentation into these techniques. This has led to my incorporating their use exclusively in all of my work.

 Using hand saws, planes, scrapers, files, chisels, and gouges has enabled me to more fully understand the thought and design process of the previous three centuries. This allows a piece to be built in a much more natural seamless progression without the arbitrary divisions of design, assembly, and finish.

 In a practical sense this use of authentic tools and techniques has made my work more visibly reflective of antique pieces. This is important not only in the recreation of period- correct new work but also in the restoration and conservation of important antique arms.

My metal-working likewise follows 18th century practice. Whether filed, chiseled or cut with the graver, it is completed with the functional finishes of color hardening, charcoal bluing, browning or left bright. All polishing is done by hand using period- correct techniques and materials.


If you are interested learning these techniques and following me in the footsteps of the masters I invite you to learn from my experience in two ways:

  1. The classes that I teach at the National Matches of the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association meeting at Friendship Indiana. See NMLRA Progams List for Gunsmith Seminar.

  2. I explain the traditional gunstocking process that I use in an American Pioneer Video available from APV.